Tuesday, August 24, 2010

PUP Pals Universal Platform

I have been a little quiet lately and this is one a few reasons why.

I always was a little disheartened that after purchasing a $400 badass knife, there were limited options at best when attaching to ones rigs/molle gear. Necessity is the mother of invention so they say and the Pals Universal Platform…or PUP was developed as a rugged, fixed, low profile, Molle Platform solution for Kydex Sheaths, small magazines, lights, and misc. other objects. Compatible with many existing retention systems and all PALS/MOLLE vests, armor, bags, and load bearing equipment. It’s full potential is vast and unknown.

It was debuted at the 2010 BLADE SHOW and is Patent Pending.

It will be available on www.bawidamannblades.com and www.bawidamann.com. Shortly and will be available for wholesale.

It comes in “Ford model T Black” but don’t let it keep you from doing what the Cool guys do to everything…Paint it!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Custom Baby Qee figure for Rivet's Toy2r Anniversary Qee Show

There are some people who are Junkies. MULTICAM Junkies to be exact. No matter how revolutionary or functional a new piece of gear is, it is always followed by the question…”Does it come in MULTICAM ?” Guilty parties, YOU know who YOU are. I unfortunately, have become one of THOSE individuals. So for all of you Multicam Junkies out there. Here is another sundry item in which to your “Fix”.

MORE INFO/PURCHASE : http://rivetart.com/get_product?i_item=2026

RIVET GALLERY: http://rivetart.com/rivet.jsp